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Try New Schick Hydro Connect
For A Buck

Schick Hydro Connect fits your Gillette®† handle***

$1 Refill

Your First Refill is Just $11

FREE Shipping & Handling


Save on Every Shave

Future refills are less than you'd pay for Gillette®†3


Love the Feeling

Get a smooth, close, hydrating* shave plus precision trimming

My Current Razor is a:

Terms and conditions apply.
Schick Hydro Connect is not affiliated with Gillette®—See below.

The Story Behind Schick Hydro Connect

The Schick Hydro® shave experience is the result of years of experimentation, innovation, and testing. We’re proud of how far we’ve evolved the razor—and we want everyone to try it.

Schick Hydro Connectis compatible with Gillette® Fusion® and Mach3® handles*** so it’s easy to test-drive it for yourself. (Get your refill, snap it into your handle, enjoy.)

We made your first refill free1 so you’d have no reason not to try it. (What have you got to lose?)

No gimmicks, no tricks. Just a great shave with refills for less than what you’re already paying.3Are you in?

Get ready for the next evolution in shaving

Close-up of Schick Hydro Connect™ refill clicking into a Gillette® handle
Great Blades and Savings

Try Schick Hydro Connect for less than what you’d pay for Gillette®.3

Close-up of 7 Hydrating Gel Pools dispersing hydrating protection
Hydrating Protection

Auto-replenishing gel technology hydrates throughout each shave.


Switch from Gillette®† to Schick Hydro Connect, and you’ll save money3 on refills. Now you can save time, too. Sign up for a Schick Hydro® shave plan for automatic delivery and free shipping on your new favorite blades.