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Shave Like A Hero

Buy your limited edition Transformers: The Last Knight handle
when you sign up for a Schick Hydro® Shave Plan.

Schick Hydro® black handle with orange image of Optimus Prime on a blue background

Buy Your Optimus Prime® Handle Now

  • Pay just $2.99 for the handle and get free shipping with a Shave Plan subscription
  • Order now—supplies are limited
  • Check local stores for more Transformers: The Last Knight products from Schick Hydro®
Schick Hydro Connect is not affiliated with Gillette®—See below.
Rethink Your Shave
Designed to protect your skin from irritation, Schick Hydro® delivers:

Hydrating Protection

7 Hydrating Gel Pools* deliver hydrating protection for up to an
hour after your shave.

A Smooth, Close Shave

Thanks to innovative Ultra Glide® blades.

Precision Trimming

For hard-to-reach areas (with Schick Hydro® 5).

Big Savings

With refills at a fraction of the cost of Gillette®†3.

Ready For Action?

Transformers: The Last Knight

Trailer #1

Only in Theaters

Fist Pump

Also directed by Michael Bay, director of
Transformers: The Last Knight